GRAVITY OF CENTER | Theatrical Productio

Quixotic presents Gravity of Center, a new multi-sensory performance that explores the human journey to find balance between the gravity that keeps us grounded and the lightness that uplifts and inspires us. Quixotic is an innovative performing arts group known for its ability to seamlessly integrate technology with live music, contemporary dance, and cirque arts. Using cutting-edge lighting and projection techniques in conjunction with highly-skilled performers, Quixotic is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance art.

fusion of visuals + interactive live performance

aerial performance reel

UNION STATION | Projection Mapping Experience

“The Monument Comes Alive” was a never-before-seen high-tech journey created by Quixotic to show 100 Years of Union Station History. Using state of the art projection mapping and twelve 20K digital projectors, the exterior of Union Station was transformed into an enormous 3D digital canvas that soared a full ten stories tall and one city block wide. 

SCION |  Real Time Projection Mapping Experience

Scion’s live reveal of the all-new 2016 iM and iA models in New York. The unveiling of these new vehicles, and a live performance from the Quixotic dance company, combine to illustrate the “Momentum” of the Scion brand.


Bulgari |  Branded Projection Mapping Experience

Fire Inside | Real Time Projection Mapping Experience

Credits Quixotic: Anthony Magliano: Executive Creative Director / Designer Mica Thomas: Executive Producer Stephen Goldblatt: Visual Producer Animation: Dave Humenczuk Dancer: Beau Campbell David Block / Shane Borth / Anthony Magliano: Original Music Composition Contact | 816.872.6398 | mica@quixoticfusion.com